Essay #2 Tip Sheet

Essay #2: A Memorable Teacher

Begin by reading:

As you read them, ask yourself how the writer made that person come alive in your mind.

Your writing task:

Write a profile of a memorable teacher you have had (good or bad). In your writing give a central impression of what sort of person this teacher was.

Writing schedule:

  1.  Think  Monday, September 12 through Wednesday, September 14
  2.  Gather  Thursday, September 15 through Tuesday, September 20
  3.  Draft  Thursday, September 22 through Tuesday, September 27
  4.  Peer Edit  Wednesday, September 28
  5.  Revise  Thursday, September 29 and Friday, September 30

Hint for success:

The central slogan for this assignment is show, don't just tell. If you retreat into suitcase general statements ("She was nice." "He was obnoxious."), the reader has no way to fill in the blanks.

Do not focus on yourself. This essay is not about you; it's about the teacher. If you tell us about your sweaty palms and pounding heart, that won't make your reader's palms sweat or heart pound. Show us what it is about the teacher that affected you that way. Describe the teacher's pointy nose, wide-brimmed hat, and unusual complexion that all gave you the feeling she was the wicked witch.

This is not your opportunity to dump all your bitterness about your earlier education. Keep control. If you use this essay to vent all your rage and fury about the way you were treated, you probably won't end up describing one particular teacher well enough that the reader gets a true picture of that person.

Write about one teacher, not a whole collection of them.

Most humans (and that includes teachers!) are somewhat complex, and even if Miss Stonebreaker, your fourth grade teacher, was an absolute terror about behavior and grammar, perhaps she had some other characteristics that made her more human. Did she always remember each student's birthday and somehow magically know exactly what was that student's favorite cookie?

This essay will need a thesis sentence, a one-sentence capsule of what the essay will be about:

“Though my fourth grade teacher's piercing voice and unusual appearance were truly frightening and she was extremely strict about classroom rules, she had a softer side which showed that she really cared about her students.”

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